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We have been so blessed to have been featured in the press thoughout the years.

TESTIMONIALS and Comments:

Comment by: Catherine Caporaso


Dearest Lisa & Toby, I look forward to working with you again! Any client will be Lucky to have you!


Comment by: Jane & Roger Simpson

Your work is fabulous. We love the rooms you have done in our house. In addition, repairing and fauxing various items in our home has been a life-saver for us. Thanks for the professionalism you provide always.


Comment by: John Rowland

Hi lisa website is great


Comment by: River Lewis


oh wow, you do murals too! i was looking for faux finishes and look where i ended up! the treatments are very intriguing, thank you for showing your work.


Comment by: RuthAnne Fisher

Hi Special friend, I'm so proud of you, your work is fabulous,just like you are, your work shows your passion, RA



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