About Lisa and Toby

For as long as I can remember I seemed to approach things different than my peers. I would guess there is a medical name for my condition today, but I have come to believe it is simply the visual side of me. I tried to conform to other ways of thinking to no avail. It was later in life I realized it was my creativity persuading me to think, "outside the box".  I was often accused of doing things backward.  But, today I know it is just doing things different.  If we all were the same, there would be no invention.

At an early age I was awarded a scholarship to the Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio to attend art classes, by winning first place in an art contest at a local park.  Although I was not able to attend, because of a lack of transportation, I never stopped creating.  I was always drawing and designing with anything I could find.  It didn't really matter to me if I was drawing on paper or building with sticks.

Later in life I attended the University of Toledo, where I earned a Bachelors degree in Arts and Education, and later a Master Degree in Art and Education.  Following those years of study I moved south to North Carolina, where I opened a private art school for children and adults. 

During my years of teaching I began to travel more frequently.  I was able to see much of the United States and many areas in Europe.  Most of my time was spent in museums, and churches where I studied some of the most influential art of my career. 

In 1999 I sold my art school and began working for clients in their homes painting murals, designing, and staging.  As years passed I have had the fortune of working with many top designers, in both residential and commercial venues.  More recently, I have been given the gift of seeing a dream come true by working in sacred spaces painting and designing. 

I would be remiss not to mention in 2006 I was married to who is now my right arm man. My husband Toby works along side of me and together we have accomplished some large-scale task.  With each other’s encouragement and brut strength, we continue to grow.  After every rewarding commission we never hesitate to say, "We have been blessed with the best job in the world".



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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~Vincent Van Gogh


814 Shoreline Drive

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