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About Lisa 

I was born  in Toledo, Ohio and raised in a rural town nearby called Williston. My education was public and my interest never steered far from creativity. I would excel in my visual arts classes and in not much else. 

In my early adulthood I was afforded the opportunity to pursue a formal education at the University of Toledo. There I would study the arts in the basement of the fabulous Toledo Museum of Art. It was a gift to be able to sit alone in galleries and study the fine brushwork of paintings, or the chisel marks of a sculpture fashioned from the Master's hands. I continued many years to earn my Master's degree as well from the same University.

After teaching for several years I began to free lance my own works.

In the years to follow I have traveled many places and studied under some of the great artist of today. Most recently in Sienna Italy where I studied under a Master artist and learned the fine art of egg tempera and water guiding. 

I design interiors, do custom paintings for clients and designers, and sacred art in churches. Each commission is a new challenge and learning experience. I love taking an idea or concept and putting it to canvas.

Today I reside in Sunset Beach, North Carolina and work from my home studio.


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